Highest most occurring number in range.

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Hello :) 
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So from beginning I'll put picture of my table :)


We'll be talking about two things, "Enter N here" (A) and "M OCC Number" (B).
So as You can see in "A" i enter some numbers each day. And in "B" it auto-detects most occurring number in "A". And also in "B" it shows how much times most occurring number have occured.

But problem is that my MODE function is not working properly in "B", because You can see i have two times 189 and 188, but in "B" by mode it shows 188.

It's no problem when one number occurs more frequently than others, then MODE gives correct number in "B".

But problem starts when it's like some different numbers which are occurring same time, as you can see in my work. I have two times 188 and two times 189, but in "B" it gives that 188 has occured most times.
If there's thing like this I just want that MODE gives me out highest most occuring number in range.
Example - I've got numbers 188,189,188,189,188,190,190,189,190, i want to mode function put out the 190 number.

How should i modify my formula?

Thanks in advance :)

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@Detlef Lewin 

Thank You, it works :)
What does MULT stands for?



MULT is part of the function name MODE.MULT.



Thank You again!