High-Low lines on Clustered

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My clustered chart does not allow me to have two separate High-low lines for two different variables, they are one over the other.

There are Minimum, Maximum and Average data for the two variables ("Total Irrigation Required of the crop" and "Irrigation Recommendation with Deficit at Maturation") for each month. And, for both variables, the average data are selected to be on the bars, and the minimum and maximum are the High-Low lines. I would like that the High-low line refered to the "Total Irrigation Required of the crop" to be over its bar, and the same for the other variable, but both high-low lines are over each other and in the middle of the bars of each variable of each month.

Please, does anyone know how to fix it for each high-low line to be over the corresponding bar?

Current chart:


Model to be achieved (those lines are not errors bars):


I have the limitation that it needs to work on Office 2016 and it does not use VBA.

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