High-Low lines on Clustered and Stacked column chart combined

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Please, could someone help me to fix the high-low lines so that it is on the Clustered Column Chart and not on top of the Stacked Column as it is now?




An example would be this one:



I have the limitation that it needs to work on Office 2016 and it does not use VBA.

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Your chart has error bars.

Like this? I simply deleted all the existing error bars and added them to the orange series.

@Hans Vogelaar,
Thank you for your prompt response.
Actually, it is not error bars. The lines are referent to the minimum and maximum values of the "Recomendação de Irrigação com Déficit na maturação" variable. To do that, I used the High-Low lines conecting the maximum and the minimum value of each month. However, those lines are over the Sticked Column Chart (Brown and Green) referent to "Lâmina de irrigação aplicada pelo usuário (água de FONTE HÍDRICA and água de REUSO)" instead of being over the Clustered Chart (orange) ("Recomendação de Irrigação com Déficit na maturação -Média"). For a person who will see the chart will thing that those lines refere to the variables associated to the Sticked Column Chart, but they are referent to the variable associated to the Clustered Chart.


My apologies. I'm afraid this is beyond me.

@Hans Vogelaar, no worries!
Thank you so much!