Hiding "1/0/1900" when representing empty date formatted cells

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I have two sheets in a workbook.  Call them sheet "1" and "2".  A particular cell in sheet 1 references (pulls from) a particular cell in sheet 1.  Both cells in both sheets are "date" formatted.  When the cell in sheet 2 is empty, "1/0/1900" is of course displayed in sheet 1.  But I need to hide or suppress the "1/0/1900" until such time that an actual date is put into the cell in sheet 2.  How do I do this? I tried formatting the sheet 1 cell as a "custom" and used the following: "1/0/1900";"1/9/1900";;@...and that successfully hides/suppresses the 1/0/1900, but the issue is when an actual date is put into the sheet 2 cell, the date format is gone in sheet 1.  


I had a similar issue with cells formatted as "general".  When cells in sheet 2 are empty, the referenced cells in sheet 1 of course display "0".  But the solution is easy in this case as one just needs to format the sheet 1 cells as "custom" and use: 0;0;;@.   I'm desperate for an equivalent solution for date formatted cells!!  Thank you for any suggested solutions. 



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@MarkSanDiego Perhaps a formula like this will work better:


It will first look is there is something in A1 on Sheet2. If it's empty return an empty string, else return what's in Sheet2!A1.


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An example file would be very helpful in suggesting a solution...for you.

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Knowledge of the Excel version would be an advantage.


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No worries now....I found the solution. It is, custom format with: mm/dd/yyyy;"1/0/1900";;@
But thank you anyway!
I'm glad you came to a solution.
Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks Mark! I couldn't remember this fix. It has been years since I needed it.
How did you figure this out??? This is great