Hide Row Level Data

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Hi All,  

Has anyone ever created a file that allows a user to enter in a uniqu pin and allow them to only see row level data?

 So user 111202 woudl see Roger, Steve and Bary while user 33333 would see Roger Stacy and Steve.  Any ideas how this can be accomplished?  



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I have done this BUT I can't say strongly enough that this is not SECURE. In other words I do this as a ease of use/functionality feature and do NOT rely on this for protecting privacy data.
I don't know you level, but at a top level of how I did it is I have a number of hidden sheets and the user sees 2 sheets: login and report (could be combined if you want)
I use multiple layer of hidden sheets to further facilitate isolation so the report refers to a hidden 'draft' sheet where I pull the various components needed for the report (this extra layer also helps be build the final report in the configuration I want/need)
I also have hidden sheets with each user's password hash and formula to check if the entered password calculates to and matches the corresponding hash. Again this is probably more than you need and still not to be considered secure.
Hopefully this helps give you ideas on how you can build it but let me know if you have more questions.
We abandoned this idea. Thank you for your responses.