Hide or close the script pane when users initiate a script from a button

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I'm using a number of buttons to trigger excel online scripts in a shared workbook.


But, I don't want the users to keep seeing the scripting pane popup every time they click a button. 


Anyone know of a way to close/hide the script pane when the script starts (or finishes) or prevent it from opening?




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Hi @MattG! PM from the Office Scripts team here :) This currently isn't possible though we definitely hear you that it can be frustrating to see the script pane pop up every time a user clicks a button. Out of curiosity, what would you envision the ideal experience to look like?

Thanks for asking and for this feedback!

Nancy on behalf of the Office Scripts team
This is a behavior of the online tools which irritate me too, a lot.
The behavior I'd like to see is :
- on pressing buttons you get the status of the script on the bottom bar (the one with sum of cells selected) and by clicking on the text of the status it opens the actual side panel.
- get some options in the "Automate" tab :
* checkbox "[] show/hide side panel on running scripts"
* checkbox "[] keep the scripts in the workbook" with that, the version of the script used by default is the on in the file, loaded with the reste of the document and faster to launch.
- get the possibility to launch script from trigger (leaving worksheet, click on hyperlink, cell modification...)

This way maybe the script will start faster cause it's really slow to launch.


Twelve months on this still looks to be an issue, at least with locally-installed Excel. Haven't tried with the online version as yet. Would be really handy to get this resolved from a cosmetics/usability perspective. Other than that, have been able to achieve everything I've needed to with scripts so far.

Thanks all for your feedback! I wanted to share some updates on our end - since last year we've moved from showing the run status in a pane to a status bar at the top of your Excel workbooks. This change has been made fully available to customers using web versions of Excel, and we're working to make it available in desktop now as well.




Hi - I'm sure the notification is less intrusive than before, but it's still there in bright yellow awaiting someone to tell it to go away. It would be great if either...

   a) it was as the previous user suggested and the status simply showed in the very bottom bar where averages, sums, etc show when you select cells or...

   b) it automatically disappeared a very short time after successful completion or...

   c) you had a preference option to not show it at all


The biggest issue is that if you want your screen clean, you have to actively dismiss the notification.




I haven't used scripts until now. The Script Run Status has immediately struck me as an issue for developing an excel based user tool. There needs to be an option to prevent this window from opening up! I'm using a script to move to a different sheet and hide the previous one (like a hyperlink but added functionality. But the Script Run Status panel opening ruins the effect.
Yes me too, I can't use these scripts to give to a user with this intrusive break to his workflow every time he runs the single line script. Nothing at all would be a suitable option, we can see instantly if the script (Refresh All) has worked or not we do not need or want any of the debug or sript status information. Please just give us an "off" button?
Many thanks
To hide or close a script pane when users initiate a script from a button, you'll need to use scripting or programming, depending on the context in which you want to achieve this. Here are some general steps you can follow, but keep in mind that the exact implementation may vary depending on the software or platform you're working with:

Identify the Script Pane: Determine how the script pane is displayed or opened in your application or interface. This could be a pop-up window, a modal dialog, a separate tab, or any other interface element.

Create a Button: Ensure you have a button or user interface element that triggers the script when clicked. This button will also serve as the trigger to hide or close the script pane.

Scripting or Programming: Depending on the programming language or framework you're using, you'll need to add code to the button's action handler. The code will include instructions to initiate the script and then hide or close the script pane.

I like to see this: Nothing unless there is an error