Hide formulas until there is a value

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I have an excel file that tracks accounting information. I am leaving the company soon, so I am setting up the file for all of 2019. The file is split out to monthly and quarterly results. I have input formulas for averages for the quarter for the first quarter. I want to have the formula there so that the person who takes over the file after I am gone already has the formula ready to go. However because the year is still new all I currently have are zeros for the monthly results. So I get a return error #DIV/0! I need to leave the formula in the cell, however I want to hide the result until there is an actual number result (sometimes the result is a negative number). Is there a way to leave the formula in the cell but have it hidden in the cell until there is a result? 

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As variant you may wrap your formulas like

=IFERROR(<your formula>,"")

Perfect that works for what I need, thank you!