hide blank rows in Segmentation tool

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Hi everyone,


Have got several questions:


1. I'm trying to hide the "Blank" rows that shows on my data segmentation tool, and don't know how.





2. Is there a way to avoid my pivot table to shrink each time I update my data?


I have selected the option showed in the picture, but still have the same problem, everytime I refresh


3. I'm trying to hide this filter icono on all my pivot table 



with this code in macro but always getting this same error:



Sub FiltersTD()

        Dim PT As PivotTable
        Dim Campo As PivotField
        For Each PT In ActiveWorkbook.PivotTables
               For Each Campo In PT.PivotFields
                     Campo.EnableItemSelection = False
               Next Campo
        Next PT

End Sub


I get the same error all the time I get "error 1004, un defined object" and the problem seems to be because of this quote "CampoTD.EnableItemSelection = True"





What can I do?


Thanks in advance.

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Regarding 1: Avoid rows with blank cells, especially in date columns as it disturbs Excel's time and date calculation capabilities. You can't hide (en blanco) from that view if you have blanks in the column.


Regarding 2: You should unckeck the box that you marked yellow!


Regarding 3: Toggle off the 'Field Headers' button, though this will not only hide the filter button.