hidden @ sign in formula, not related to Tables

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Hi, I am trying to help a colleague who seems to have some weird setting in his excel. When he uses INDEX & MATCH instead of vlookup the formula looks correct but returns an error until he presses control shift enter, making it an array - then it works. When he sends the file to me and I open it on my computer, I see that he has @  signs (see below) in front of the sheet he is referencing (these @ do NOT show up in his excel). When I remove the @  on my computer, it works again. I thought @  was normally to do with tables but he is not using any tables either...can someone help? TIA!


=INDEX(Sheet2!D:D;MATCH('Bought articles'!C2&'Bought articles'!A2;@Sheet2!C:C&@Sheet2!A:A;0))

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