Hidden sheets in excel workbook

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I have workbooks where I have hidden worksheets.


On some I can right click in the tab area and then can see hide/unhide. I am then able to enter the password and unhide the relevant sheet.

However, on a similar workbook if I right click in the tab area I can see hide/unhide but they are greyed out and I cannot work out how to be able to unhide the tab I require.


Can anyone help please.



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If a workbook has been protected from the Review tab of the ribbon, you cannot hide or unhide sheets, and the context menu will look as in your second screenshot.



Dear Hans

You know I found this some while ago and for the life of me could not remember where to unprotect the sheet with the relevant password.

I have carried out that operation and low and behold it works.

Thank you so much I was getting a headache.