Hidden Rows in Excel Spreadsheet

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I have a spreadsheet and somehow a lot of the rows have become minimized or hidden.  I can manually go in and click and resize the rows individually but I need to be able to resize or unhide all rows without having to resize each row manually because there are thousands of rows that need to be resized.  I've tried to resize all rows, but it only resizes the visible rows.  How can I unhide or resize all rows, even the hidden ones?

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Hi Eric,


You may select entire sheet (click on the triangle icon on top left of cell A1), after that Home->Format->AutoFit Row Height (or Row Height if you'd like to make all of them same size)

Thank you for your answer!  I've tried to do the steps you indicated and it works for all visible rows, but the rows that are hidden(minimized to the smallest size possible) do not get re-sized.  They stay hidden.  In order to get them to be re-sized also, I have to enlarge them so that they are at least viewable first and this is not an options as there are thousands of rows that I need to do this for.

Eric, if rows were hidden through Hide menu, when select all rows, right click menu and Unhide.

If rows have zero or close to it height, when select all rows and AutoFit row Height - empty rows will be returned to default height, other ones autofitted.  

@Eric Reynolds click the entire row below the rows that are hidden. Then hold shift+up arrow to select the rows that are hidden, example row 4 is not hidden, but rows 1-3 are hidden, select row 4 to highlight the entire row, then use the shift+up arrow to select 3-1. After the selection is made click Format>Hide&Unhide>Hide Rows, which will now hide row 4 in the example. Then immediately click Format>Hide&Unhide>Unhide Rows, which will now unhide row 4 as well as rows 1-3. I hope this helps.

@Eric Reynolds I had the same issue but found a solution. Select an entire row that is normal (clicking on the row number), perhaps one above or below the lines hidden, and then hit format painter, and then drag your cursor down the list of rows the rows should expand.