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I have a pretty detailed excel file that has a summary page (used for portfolio reporting) that has multiple hidden columns that I can't view.  I have tried most ways to unhide them but nothing works.  Can someone help please.


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Click on the area between the row "1" header and the column "A" header. That should highlight all rows and columns on the sheet.


Now, right-click on any column header (A, B, C, etc.). At this point, you should right click and select "unhide" from the bottom of the menu. Hope this helps!


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If columns are hide, when Unhide shall work. But columns could be zero or close to it width like here


when Unhide won't work. You may select columns from D to F, Home->Format->Column Width and enter change the width on any suitable. Side effect is what columns D and F also will change the width.


Alternatively Home->Find & Select->Go To... and here E1. With as above you may change the column E width as desired.