Hi! I need help with Auto Sum. It's not showing the sum in the cell, only hashtags.

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Look, I'm new to Excel and it's overwhelming me. I'm just trying to get my taxes done. I need to be able to see the sum at the end of the column, but all that is in there is hash tags. I can see the sum in the little box where the formula is made just not on my spreadsheet. 


This was all set up for me by someone else two years ago and I don't have access to them any more.


I'm also trying to get all the sheets to put their data onto a P&L statement sheet and that's not happening either. UGH! 


Any help appreciated!


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I believe you just need to make the column wider.  Or the cell could have the wrong cell format.  i.e. a number is formatted like a date.  In this case you just need to adjust the cell format.  Have a look at this article for more guidance: