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Never posted here before, I find these forums complicated to use, can I not upload a small excel sheet for someone to help me edit?

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If you don't see area with a dotted border and text "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach" below the box where you compose a post/reply, you'll have to upload a sample workbook to a cloud service such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar, then obtain a link to the uploaded file and paste the link into a reply.

Hi... below this chat box it's says "open full text editor" click on that and you will then see a browse option. Click on that and find the file you are looking to upload..


I am in full text editor but can't see any browse option!


New users often don't have the option to attach a file. That's why I mentioned alternatives.

Ok, and I also don't have an external link so what to do.... it's bizarre!


If you have a Microsoft account, you can use OneDrive.

If you have a Google (Gmail) account, you can use Google Drive.

Dropbox and Box have free versions for private use.

I really have o idea how to share this excel file but I managed to get some kind of share link from google drive. If anyone can download it i'd be interested to see if anyone can work it out.


I get this when I click the link:



I was able to download the workbook.

However, I don't understand "by typing this word (MO) I would like to change the results of D2,D3,D4 to $6000, $0.00, $1000 like the example on row 6". Do you really mean D2, D3 and D4?

**bleep**, I made a mistake, what i meant was change D2, E2, F2.
So by typing one word, say Aura, it returns $99,000, $31,000, $5,000, $1000, $500
Then by typing a second word (MO) only three cells change their figures (D2, E2, F2) to $6,000, $0.00, $1,000
Basically we have hundreds of products in a huge database where the sales team all get the same commission except one sales person who gets a different comm structure, hence why i need to change three cells to return his particular commission. These figures then go on to populate three other reports. This just a sample to get the formula for me to add to the real database. So far no-one can sole the problem, maybe it's not possible!. The way I see it is this vlookup formula, =VLOOKUP($A$3,$A$9:$F$14,4,FALSE) needs a second part to it to change the three cells to different figures when I type the letter MO, which represents a different sales rep. Hopefully this is clear enough.


Do you want B2 and C2 to remain unchanged if you type MO?

If so, you'd need VBA code instead of formulas.

Ok, thanks Hans, could you suggest a vba code for me?


It's still not entirely clear to me where exactly you will be entering the product names. In your sample workbook, do we need to take A3 and A4 into account? Or A3, A4, A5 and A6? Or something else?

Ok, thanks for trying,
Sounds like it cant be done the way I want, actually i got it working by simply adding a second set of data and giving the product a unique code that simply returns the figures for those three cells exactly as I want, but this is what I was trying to avoid, because the database now has 500 rows of data instead of 250, as the months roll on this will become 1000 rows and so on. Anyway, thanks again Trev