Helping adding an "OR" function to existing "COUNTA" formula

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Dear Excel Community,

I was hoping someone could help me modify the below formula to add an "OR" condition


I've had a play around myself but have struggled to structure the formula correctly. In it's present state, it will pull back data if it matches "Other". I want it to pull back data if it matched "Other" OR "Contract". 


I would be grateful for a steer in the right direction. Thanks in advance.



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For the OR condition you may use something like

        (VSTACK(April:December!$I$2:$I$100000) = "Other") +
        (VSTACK(April:December!$I$2:$I$100000) = "Contract" )

@Sergei Baklan Thank you for the suggestion. I tried that, but unfortunately i couldn't get it to function as desired.


Essentially, in the "Requester Summary" sheet, i have several tables which should be pulling data based on the team selected against the transactions.

Ideally, in the "Contact Hub" table, i would like data pulled for "Contract Hub" or "Directorate".

In the "NHM" table, data for "NHM" or "Community Protection" and in the "Parks" table, anything for "Parks", "Leisure" or "Cemeteries".

This is why i wanted to incorporate the "OR" function.


You can see the different options in the "Validation" sheet. Which i have colour coded.


I've attached the spreadsheet i am working on just in case you wanted to have a look at it :)


Thanking you in advance