When I try to use Help in Excel "Sorry, something went wrong. Please check your network connections." appears, so this discussion is all I can do.

Modem appears OK, speed is a bit slow (14.8, 3.5 Mbps) but I can use web (obviously).

Where now?

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Why am I getting a message that says to troubleshoot my Internet connection?

You'll see a message about your internet connection when you're not connected to our services. That can happen when you're offline, but also if our service is offline for some reason.

If the connection to your network or to the internet isn't working, see what you can do to fix it.

If you're looking for templates, you may have come across a category of templates that is no longer available. Instead, find templates by browsing the list of template categories or by using the Search box to find templates on the Office website.

Even when you can't reach our online content, you can still get to content that was installed with Office. The list of available templates shows you the templates that are installed on your computer. Also, a set of Help content was installed with Office.

Here's how to get to Help while you're offline:

  1. In the main window of your Microsoft Office program, press F1 to open Help.

  2. On the Connection Status menu, which is located at the bottom-right corner of the Help window, click Show content only from this computer.

    Tip: When you're back online, switch back to viewing the online content by clicking Show content from (in Office 2007 the option is Show content from Office Online).


    Otherwise, if I may recommend, attach photo/s of the error message. Explain exactly how the problem came about. At the same time inform you about your Excel version, operating system, storage medium, in order to be able to give the other users a picture of the digital environment of the problem.


     Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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