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Can someone help me with this fct :


=IF(ISBLANK(F55));"";IF(F55='TRM DB'!G1;"'TRM DB'!G6");IF(F55='TRM DB'!H1;"'TRM DB'!H6");IF(F55='TRM DB'!I1;"'TRM DB'!I6");IF(F55='TRM DB'!J1;"'TRM DB'!J6");IF(F55='TRM DB'!K1;"'TRM DB'!K6")


i have the Value error 

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=IF(ISBLANK(F55),"",IF(F55='TRM DB'!G1,'TRM DB'!G6,IF(F55='TRM DB'!H1,'TRM DB'!H6,IF(F55='TRM DB'!I1,'TRM DB'!I6,IF(F55='TRM DB'!J1,'TRM DB'!J6,IF(F55='TRM DB'!K1,'TRM DB'!K6))))))

Maybe with this formula.





=IFERROR(HLOOKUP(F55; 'TRM DB'!$G$1:$K$6; 6; FALSE)); "")

@Quadruple_Pawn no there is a problem with the formula


The corrected formula works as intended.