Help with using multiple drop-down lists with SUMIFs functions

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Ok here is what I'm trying to do. If anyone could help asap I would greatly appreciate it.

I have 2 columns with data validation lists (drop-downs) and 1 column with numbers.

I want the user to choose an item in the drop-down (column 1) and drop-down (column 2).

Depending upon the combination of what the user chooses in dropdown 1 and 2, it would SUM up the corresponding number in the 3rd column.

I hope this makes since. I tried to upload an image of what I'm doing, but it kept freezing on me.





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Hi @rneal,  

In the example below, cell E1 and F1 have data validations. Cell G1 is the sum of both:




Is that what you wanted?


No. It's two columns with a data validation drop-down and one column with data. It's a conditional, probably sumifs function; but I couldn't get it to work.


Can you upload an example in a spreadsheet or at least try again with the screenshot. I'm not sure I understand the issue.

@Bennadeau  I will try to upload again.

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Hi @rneal,


See attached. I fixed your typos in the drop down list. 

I believe this is what you want but I'm not sure how you want to populate the numbers in "Number of participant" (E15 to E24). What is it based on? Anyways, I added some fictitious numbers to test "row 2".