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Hello, I'm trying to use Excel to display information about some stocks and securities I'm interested in. I have a sheet organized so that each security has its own row, using the columns to record various attributes and details about that security. For the securities I currently own, the 'T' column contains a '1'. I would like to create a function that searches this worksheet, and copies each row that contains a '1' in the 'T' column to another sheet. I'm not sure if this is even possible, but it would certainly make things easier. 

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Why not only sorting it? you can change the whole Range from A to T as a Table object:

Klick on A1.

Mark all cells in that range with CTRL - Shift - Arrow to right and CTRL-Shift-Arrow to down.

Then go to "Insert" Tab and click on "Table".

Now you have a table object. This object includes your former column titles AND a sort/filter option (the arrow key right of your first column).

Filter your T column with option "1".


Additionally you can poke around with the advanced filter options to get the filtered result to another table.


if there is an option like advanced filter, you can save time and nerves with a no-code solution.


For this advanced filter in Excel see my screenshot there:



Power Query is an option - query your range, filter T column on 1, remove T column, land result into new sheet. After that only refresh from time to time.