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I'm trying to work out how to make a table populate a cost for me. I want to be able to select the item for x amount of days and my spreadsheet tell me how much that will cost. I have the day rate, the quantity (variable), number of days (variable) and discount percentage. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing?



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=ROUND((A1 * B1 * C1) * (1 - D1/100), 2)

Here's a breakdown of the formula:

A1: Day rate
B1: Quantity
C1: Number of days
D1: Discount percentageage in D1.
This is wonderful thankyou, though i've just noticed that i have a 7 day rate, not a day rate and thats whats throwing my total off.


Replace C1 with ROUNDUP(C1/7, 0) in the proposed formula

I'm nearly there using =ROUND((C2/7 * D2 * E2) * (1 - F2/100), 2)
It gives me the correct figure before the discount comes off. I just cant get it to subtract the discount
See below. 0.51 - 72% is 0.14 and thats what I'm trying to get to
0.0238 8 19 72% 0.51


72% is equivalent to 72/100, so you shouldn't divide by 100:


=ROUND((C2/7 * D2 * E2) * (1 - F2), 2)