help with sumif function

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("Donor-List[Years of Support]",">15",("Donor-List[Total Annual Donations])"

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@Lisa2045 You didn't specify the entire formula and it seems you are working with structured table references. And perhaps some quotation marks and brackets were included accidentally. Having my doubts about the table name as well as in my Excel it's not allowed to use any other special character than an under score "_" in the name. So, check the table name and try this:

=SUMIF(Donor_List[Years of Support],">15",Donor_List[Total Annual Donations])


That did not work so there must be an error somewhere and I am reading it from chapter 11 Excel book.

@Lisa20451545 You need to be a bit more specific. what "Excel book"? Can you upload the file (without private or confidential information, though)?

The class occurs tomorrow morning. 365 large Excel book. Instructor will go over the RYS exercise.

@Lisa20451545 Sorry. Don't know anything about the book/course you refer to.

You wrote "that did not work so there must be an error somewhere ...".  That's it? Without an example of the Excel file where the formula is supposed to work, there's no way to tell what's wrong or why.

waiting for class to start so instructor should be able to explain and I can share screen with her if she cannot get formula to work

@Lisa20451545 Entered my formula in F23. Seems to work just fine!

thank you