Help with storing manual inputs by date without losing data from previous days

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I am currently building a sales tracker and have two sheets, one for manual inputs from team leaders and and a second sheet that automatically stores that information based on the date it was entered.


The intention is to have as little input required from the leaders using the workbook, so I am using the =today() formula on the manual input sheet for them to track performance. I am then using an IF formula on the second sheet to track the sales per agent when the date matches the date shown on the first sheet. The problem is that by using the =today() function the data store on a given day will be lost when the date is updated the next time the spreadsheet is opened.


I would like to know whether there is a solution to this?


My attached document should give a good idea on what I am working with.

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Teach them the shortcut Ctrl+; for today's date (static). Or if you must use TODAY() add a module that will copy and paste values of that column when they are done.