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Good morning all,


Okay, I have a spreadsheet with a lot of information that I use regularly and I'm looking for the best and easiest way to manage it.  Here's a couple of things I'd like to do:


1. Jump to the first cell that begins with a certain letter. Rows are alphabetized by last name, so if I want to go to the Js without scrolling.


2. Mark when a file (row) is "clear".


3. Add a couple of cells from a row in a separate spreadsheet onto this one in the correct place. For example: add only the customer's name (Smith, John), file # and date from the other spreadsheet onto this spreadsheet after Smith, James without inserting a row, copying & pasting, etc.


If there are easy (and I mean easy) ways to accomplish these I'd greatly appreciate the help. I'm relatively new to the VLookup and other functions and do not understand VBA at all (thought I'm willing to learn). Thank you in advance!!



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