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Hello please could anyone help me with an Excel query? I had an original table with conditional formatting to highlight certain values red Amber and green. When I copy the table to create a scroll bar I can't seem to figure out how to preserve the conditional formatting. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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@AndyL20 , what do you mean when you say you are creating a scroll bar? Can you upload a sample file without any confidential info to help see what the issue is?

Since I didn't quite understand what your plans are ... I say ... maybe ... but only maybe that will help you

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So, on the original data tab I have (before removing for uploading) about 80 rows of data. As I want to display this info on a dash board, to save space I created a table with a scroll bar (scroll data tab) so I could use the scroll to display 5 rows at a time on the dashboard. However, the original data tab as you can see has conditional formatting on the last column to highlight cell values as red Amber green. When using the scroll table on the scroll data tab I can't seem to figure how to preserve the conditional formatting to highlight the values