Help with Power Query to extract CPT and ICD codes data

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Hi All,

Hope you are doing well!...I am trying to extract the CPT and the ICD codes data from the coded data column Data which is in JSON format..Please find attached the sheet with the input data and the output required data.. Can you please help me here...


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Hello, attached is an excel file with the output required data. 

Hi @alanavarro...Really appreciate your response..The only error that I am getting is that "We cannot convert the value null to type text"...This happens because in some of my rows of data either the CPT code is not at all available or the ICD code is not at all available...
Hello, could you please attach an excel file with the error?
Hi Alannavarro...I used the power query only till the Grouped rows stage and I was able to use the data
Hi @Alannavaro, I am getting the error -The parameter should be of text.type or binary.type ..Can you please let me know why this would happen