HELP with merging cells

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I have the following format from an A2i report, the data is duplicating info because the description line in column I is on separate lines in our operating system.  I know how to merge all the description info to one line using concat function, but i need ALL the data to be on one line. 

So it should show the all columns on 1 line.  As you can see, the column D and column F is on the line above and then all the description lines are on multiple. 


I need this to be done via a mass maintenance way if possible because there is over 400 accounts like this.

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Can you provide a simple (made-up) example (in Excel, not Word!) with just a couple of lines of data along with the expected outcome please?



Yes, you need to provide the sample data and we will try to provide the solution.  Please don't expect the people to re-create your problem so they can help you come up with a solution.  Thank you.