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Hi all, 

So basically I am trying to do a hyperlink formula but everyone I get to the "&body=" part, what ever I try does not seem to work. I have tried linking it to a cell with the information I want added from body into the email and I have tried directly putting the information after the '=' but I keep getting an error message and I can't figure out where I have gone wrong?

The formula went something like this... 


=HYPERLINK("mailto:" & B1 & "? subject="& B2 & "&body=" & B3, "send email ")


"&B3" basically linking to a cell that says' Thank you for your support'. 

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One possible issue with your formula could be that the body text contains spaces or special characters that need to be URL encoded.

You can try replacing spaces with %20 and other special characters with their URL encoded equivalents.

For example, if the text in cell B3 is “Thank you for your support”, you can try replacing it with “Thank%20you%20for%20your%20support” in the formula.

So the formula would look like this:

=HYPERLINK("mailto:" & B1 & "?subject=" & B2 & "&body=Thank%20you%20for%20your%20support", "send email")


I hope this helps!