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I'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong and why my Gantt isn't showing my data correctly. this is how I did it last time but now suddenly the data is showing all wrong. my sheet is attached.


I have the start date and duration as series, but when I create the bar chart it shows everything on the same start date and there's no correlation to the duration. Can anyone explain what I'm dong wrong?


Thank you!!!

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@stpstein I think you need to change the chart to a 'Stacked Bar' chart.  Then under select data, switch the Start Date and Duration order (making the Start Date first), then the chart will show two colours.    Mine showed Orange and Blue -set the blue to No Fill.  This worked for me - attached 

Hi Tanya,

Thanks, it was actually very silly of me, I simply didn't notice I didn't choose a stacked bar chart!


Thank you!!!