Help with Freeze Pane in Office Professional Plus 2019

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While you are in normal view and the protect worksheet/workbook is unlocked and still the Freeze Pane Icon is grayed out?  Office Professional Plus 2019 version.

Thanks for any help,


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Hi @namzaps 


Is this behavior for all the work or only for a specific work?


Regards, Faraz Shaikh

@Faraz Shaikh 

Hmm.  That is strange Faraz.  It does appear to be just this one XLSX file.  I tried several newer files and older files and the freeze pane is not grayed out on those.

I also noticed on the one file my New Window and Split icons are grayed out as well.

I tried doing a side by side comparison on this file and another.  Each tab was the same except for the view tab which has those grayed out icons.

Very Strange.

Thank you for any help that may be provided.


Hi @namzaps ;


Can you please attached that excel file removing your sensitive information. This will help to debug the issue 


Regards, Faraz Shaikh

@Faraz Shaikh Sure Faraz.

One thing I did notice which is weird.  Goto File and then to Info.  It looks as thou this is a protected workbook.  I don't have any of the protections on.