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I have data in two different worksheets, on a third worksheet I need data from one cell of the first worksheet in one cell and the corresponding info from the second worksheet in another cell. 

I was trying to us the IFERROR(VLOOKUP) FUNCTION but it does not work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you  



On the third photo cell "C11" equals the value from first photo cell "B6". I need cell "C12" to equal the corresponding number from cell "B" from the second photo. This is three different worksheets.
I want to be able to type a item in the menu worksheet and for it to automatically change on the production worksheet.

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Hi @ChefJohnH53

To help someone help you, please upload either an example workbook, some images of the sheets in question or both.

Please also include the exact definition of the formula that doesn't work and some description of what you are expecting to happen.

With this information, someone will be able to help you quickly.


Could you please give bit more details - sample file or at least screenshot with formula you use.

I have posted pictures and tried to explain what I am trying to accomplish @flexyourdata 

I have updated the post with pictures and tried to explain what it is I am trying to accomplish.