Help with formula MID, TRIM

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I have a similar question to my previous one.

if i have a list:

WNI J950 Darlston WTT Washout

WI J942 Rigby SEE Washby

list goes on ...

i just want to capture the 4 digits J950 or J942 in my other column for each row. For all rows i want the 4 characters only. The problem I’m having if i do mid function it will only work with if i have same number of letters before the 4 characters i need. In this case every row has different amount of letters before and for some rows im only getting 3 characters of the 4 characters i require.

Is there a formula which i can use that will solve this ?


Any help is appreciated 


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=MID(A1,FIND(" ",A1)+1,4)

You can try this formula.

4 digits.JPG