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Is there a way for excell to calculate what each employee owes at the end of the month using this format?


If there is would someone be so kind as to explain it to me?


I added an example of what I use on excell.


Thanks in adance.Annotation 2020-08-07 142512.png

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Ways to count values in a worksheet

Please see sample file



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Less data is structured more complex to aggregate it. Now you don't use copy/paste at all - all names are in different case (which is not a big issue) but that could be different wording for the same name, e.g. extra space between first and last name. As result they could be considered as different names. In any case we have to generate the list of all names - it could be manually created separate table or unique names could be extracted by formulas with possible mistakes due to reasons above.


No dates for each transaction, thus they shall be added to each row during the aggregation. Here are also possible mistakes - I guess second data shall be in July, not in August.


With all above I'd do the summary by Power Query if you consider such option, that's more suitable tool to transform and aggregate such data. If only formulas I'd suggest to transform manually source data first, after that use PivotTable or SUMIFS() to receive totals by people and periods.