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I'm trying to write a formula so that IF D5 = "Yes" AND D3 = "Data Collection" then to do VLOOKUP within a different tab named Data Collection. However I'd like this same formula to do a different VLOOKUP within the MRA tab if D5 = "Yes" AND D3 = "MRA." 

I was able to write the first half of the formula: 

=IF(AND(D5="Yes",D3="Data Collection"),VLOOKUP(D4,'Data Collection codebook'!B3:F165,5,FALSE),"")

But I can't figure out how to incorporate the second half. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Ciara 

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=IF(AND(D5="Yes",D3="Data Collection"),

VLOOKUP(D4,'Data Collection codebook'!B3:F165,5,FALSE),




Maybe like this.


Thank you!