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I am a self-taught teacher looking for guidance to improve my skills and what I can offer my students...


I would like to get a cell in excel to change colour to indicate that a student has inputted the correct formula for a simple calculation (adding 4 cell values for example) - or have a tick appear in the cell next to it...


I am using 365 online.


Many thanks in advance!!

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@siankerr if you shared the sheet it would be easier but what you want is Conditional Formatting



I selected NEW and then Use a formula as shown in the second picture to say if the sum = the value they enter then turn the cell green.

I also added a if not correct AND not blank then red

Lastly, you could also choose to have a checkmark added using the built in formatting but then you need to tell it what value is correct in each case instead of using a formula:





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You may us e rule like


@mtarler , that's online version

Perfect - thank you!!

@siankerr , glad it helped