Help with dynamic table

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How to calculate, in the dynamic table itself, a column with the division of the results obtained in the table itself (example average/maximum)
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A little more description would be helpful. How exactly are you using the term "dynamic table," for example? Is it a standard Excel Table (which is dynamic in the sense that it can grow as new rows get added); or is it the result of one of the new Dynamic Array functions, FILTER, perhaps?


My initial assumption was that you're talking of the latter, and that could be we may end up needing to look for a creative solution if this is something that you'll be needing to do repeatedly. But help us all get started by a little bit more expansive description of your situation, if not a copy of the actual spreadsheet.


@mathetes  what I want and I cant perform is to place my results (value outside) inside of the pivot on the left.