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Trying to create a list with two columns and two tables.


For table 1....In column 1 you have status and column 2 you have text.


In column 1 (status) each row has a dropdown menu (data validation list) that contains two options....yes and no. In column 2 you have text besides column 1 (e.g ROW 1 -> status - yes, text - hello, ROW 2 -> status - no, text - goodbye).


For table 2...Trying to make a dropdown menu for each cell using data validation list which only shows/lists the corresponding values in the cell dropdown that say yes (from table 1). For values that are no, I want it to say not available. This dynamic dropdown list should change whenever the status column for a specific row in table 1 is changed.


Any ideas on how to do this? Would I use the FILTER function in data validation, lists?

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i would create 2 helper columns:
Z1 =FILTER(c2,c1="yes")
AA1 =FILTER(c2,c1="no")
then Data Validation Lists would point to Z1# or AA1# accordingly
each row has a dropdown menu ?

what do you mean each row?

multiple dropdown menus for many rows?dynamic create these menus?