help with creating a formula with multiple functions and/or nesting formula

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I am stuck and need help below is what I am trying to achieve


This was my original formula to calculate the sales tax because if the purchase price is below a certain amount the tax is one value and if its more than that certain amount then its a different amount




That formula was perfect however we are now adding different communities that are in counties with a different tax rate so I need to somehow add to that formula to say the same thing but add an and/or C7=R8 (R8 being a name of one of the communities with the different tax rate then using the same formula above reflecting the above/below scenario just changing the cell numbers to have the tax rate calculations of that community (R8)

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Ordinarily, this kind of thing gets addressed with XLOOKUP into a static table of counties and tax rates.



There are in Excel often multiple ways to accomplish the same this case, I think you'd be better served by one of those other routes, rather than trying to concoct a nested IF formula (which can get very convoluted and hard to maintain).


Could you post a copy of your spreadsheet--using either OneDrive or GoogleDrive, and then posting a link here? That way we could see how you have the existing data arrayed and suggest several ways to do what you're wanting to do. Also, please, let us know which version of Excel you're using.