Help with creating a formula with imbedded calculations

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I am trying to create a formula which will calculate a result

for =sum{1-10 items purchased will multiply by 3.35}+{additional items 11-19 will multiply by .70}+{additional items over 20 will multiply by .30}

example:4items is $13.40              13items is $35.60           23items is $41.00

is this possible?



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@CLC65 The attached file contains an example of one way to do it. Perhaps not the most straight-forward way, but certainly a very effective one.


By the way, I believe your calculation for 23 items is off by 40 cents.

Good solution! It took me a while to understand the logic of the formula, is really cool.

thank you, this will be one way of solving the calculations @Riny_van_Eekelen