Help with COUNTIFS using Filtered Results

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I'm trying to use COUNTIFS with filtered results probably need to use SUMPRODUCT SUBTOTAL & OFFSET - but just cant get my head around the Syntax.


An example of the  COUNTIFS that I am using is;-


This formula works fine but obviously if I filter the table the results do not change.

Any help would be much appreciated.

FYI - I'm using Office Pro Plus 2019

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Filtering doesn't affect COUNTIFS(). As variant you may add helper column to the table like


and modify your formula to count only non-filtered rows



Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure I understand. I was expecting something like ;-
Are you saying I cannot use COUNTIFS & get results from only visible rows/cells ?
I tried your suggestion and it works fine thank you. Seems a messy solution though.
Again thanks for your help Sergei


Only two functions, SUBTOTAL() and AGGREGATE() could ignore hided rows. SUBTOTAL with OFFSET is another possible variant, just I personally prefer AGGREGATE(), easier in maintenance.