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Hi All,


I have a spreadsheet which includes an account name, a column for the fee type and the balance held for each month. I am looking to do some reporting on the number of funds on each fee type held for each period.


To do determine this i am trying to use a countifs and index match formula to count the number of funds with a balance greater than $0.00 for each fee type. The variables i am looking at are if the balance is greater than $0 for the month, and matches my designated fee type. However i am having some issues selecting the columns for the required month.


I have included a sample, can anyone please assist with how to resolve this?


Greatly appreciate any assistance.


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@calof1 See attached. Perhaps not the prettiest way, but it seems to work.






where $J$1 in the end is an absolute reference to a cell where you enter the fee type.


Note that I also change the dates in the summary table to the dates used in the header of the fund table.

Hi Riny_van_Eekelen,

Thank you kindly for your assistance, very much appreciated.

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hi @Riny_van_Eekelen

Hope you are well.

I have noticed that i have another tab which is very similar to this, however has subtotals in the column A (Fund). Is it possible to add another criteria to the formula which would work the same as this but just exclude the rows which have total in the name?

Greatly appreciate your insights.

@calof1 Well, it's not getting any prettier, but try this:


Have added the part that starts with *NOT(ISNUMBER....... This will FIND the rows that include the word total in column A and set the value to FALSE ( NOT(ISNUMBER) ) when it does, thereby excluding it from the count. 

Hi Riny_van_Eekelen

Thank you again for your assistance with this, very much appreciated.

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