Help with conditional formatting of a name if it falls in time range

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I have students who can't be scheduled during Lunch & recess. If I paste their name in a lunch or recess time, I want their name to turn red. Any thoughts? I'm sure there's multiple ways to skin this cat.


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You're probably right about there being multiple ways to skin this cat; that's usually true with Excel.


To help sort out which of those multiple ways might make more sense than the others, it would be useful to learn a bit more about the context here, the scope of such things as:

  • roughly how many students are involved in being scheduled regardless of time
  • the number of students who have special schedule limits or prohibitions (the group you're asking about)
  • the volatility of the two populations (how frequently do people get added to or subtracted from the lists)
  • is it only lunch and recess times or are there other "special slots" applicable to some and not others
  • are there some who can ONLY do lunch or recess (or some other idiosyncratic requirement)
  • anything else you can think of that would help understand the bigger picture