Help with array in a SUMIFS formula

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Hi everyone, it is my first post in this community.


I am trying to work with a very simple array formula as a criteria for a SUMIFS formula without success.


My data is as bellow


 Column AColumn B
Row 1a1
Row 2b2
Row 3c3
Row 4d4


Currently I am trying to SUM the values in column B filtered by the values in column A.


The formula I am trying to use is:




Excel says there is a problem with this formula and do not accept it.

My intention was to sum only the values in column B, row 1 and 3.


What I am doing wrong with the array?

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You may try SUMPRODUCT instead which can handle array calculations.

As per the data in your sample file...


Or you will have to wrap your existing formula with SUM function like this...



Just to illustarte how array works


Result is the same