Help with an ifs function

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I am trying to add rebate % formula. I have tried nesting and if formula...was trying an ifs formula and it is still not working. What am I missing? When I try to add below 5000 for 0% I get a whole different error. 



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The order of the arguments is incorrect. If I2 is >25000, it is also >5000, so the first value_if_true will be returned. Same for I2 > 50000.

And if you want to return 5% as a number that can be used in calculations, don't enclose it in quotes.


=IFS(I2>50000, 5%, I2>25000, 4%, I2>5000, 3%, TRUE, 2%)




=IFS(I2<=5000, 2%, I2<=25000, 3%, I2<=50000, 4%, TRUE, 5%)