Help with an IF/AND formula please

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Hi there, 


My formula is 



where the first bit says if P88 is greater than zero AND 088 = T1, then multiply by P88 on my worksheet called data.


T1 = my pay rate for single time

T1.5 = my pay rate for time and half

T2 = my pay rate for double time.


So if my P88 (hours worked) is greater than zero - multiply it by the T rate.


The problem I have, is if the hours worked is blank, but O88 is set to any of the T's (T1, T1.5, T2), then the cell reports #VALUE!


I want to be able to select the T rate in column O88, and with no hours entered in P88, the result is a blank cell.... because P88>0 should overrule everything.


Any help - much appreciated


Thank you

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@cowleyp You can wrap your entire formula in an IFERROR statement.


 In your case it becomes like this:






Hi Riny, 

Thanks for your quick and accurate help!


Your suggestion worked perfectly! SOLVED