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Looking to have a spreadsheet that auto populated a total printable sheet count correlating to an equation.


Example: unit qty total = 152,000

                Units per skid= 2,400

               63 skids @ 2,400 and 1 skid @800


Id like this transferred to the work sheet in cells that read as: ___ of ___

And have it automate the above blank information in accordance to what the equation above would be. And to make it printable in numerical order.


Sorry if I am unclear but I am no where near an excel wiz.


Thank you

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I hope these two functions put you on the right track.

=INT(152000/2400) = 63
=MOD(152000/2400) = 800

=INT(152000/2400)&"  skids @2,400 and 1 skid @"&MOD(152000/2400) = "63 skids @ 2,400 and 1 skid @800"