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   I am making a simple calculator for work. I enter square footage in cell E16 and have an equation to give a dollar value in cell K16. Trying to make things simple for others to price a job. This is my formula (=E16*0.45) in cell K16 that works perfect for my needs except for one thing. I need to set a minimum value for this equation. The formula needs to have an equal to or greater than 300 rule. I have a minimum price of 300 for any job done. So for example if I enter 500 square foot in E16. Cell K16 currently will have 225 as the value (500*0.45=225) but I need it to calculate 300. Any square footage over 667 will give me the value greater than 300 then.

   Please help me with this as I have looked over all the help topics and many forum threads but nothing seems to help. Using Excel with Office 365 on Windows 11 PC. Pictures below for reference. Thanks for your time - Chad



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I recommend this formula, as used in the attached example.




You'll notice no numbers in the formula. Instead, there are cells off to the side that define your Minimum, and your current Rate per Sq Ft. Doing it this way gives you the flexibility to change either or both of those numbers without revising the formula. Doing it this way is avoiding what's called "hard coding" of values. 


I have looked over all the help topics and many forum threads but nothing seems to help.


Let me recommend this website for your future researching and learning. Part of the "secret" of finding things like this is to think about normal human words that might describe the task. For example, in this case, you might think MINIMUM or MAXIMUM. Using either one as a search term in the website would get you to the formula/function you need. And in the course of it, you'd learn other tricks as well.