Help with a IF function.

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I am trying to do a function where if the invoice days past due is non-overdue, <10days, 10-30days, 31-60 days…etc the invoice amount will be placed in the appropriate column based on the date. So an invoice from Mar 26 would appear in the non-overdue column and on Apr 1 would then jump to display in the <10day column. The formula I have is: =IF(CHOOSE(MATCH(TODAY()-$F9,{-99999,0,31,61,91,99999},1),"Future Date","0-30 Days","31-60 Days","61-90 Days","Over 90 Days")=H$1,$C9,"")

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@Teyonka Perhaps the attached file works for you.


Thank you very much it works perfectly@Riny_van_Eekelen