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I am not a excel user and can not get this to work.

I want to search for a number in a column and if the number is within the range I want to output a value in another column. I have a table made on a another tab that has the range and values I want to search.

Any help would be great.



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Your table is not suitable for looking up anything. Perhaps change it like this:


You can then use




But it makes no sense to me at all...

@Hans Vogelaar 


I want to look at the number in C4 If the number is between 200-209 in the table I want M4 to get the point value for that range. 



See my previous reply: if you change the table the way I indicated, you can use




This will return #N/A if the value in C4 is not in the correct range. You can suppress this by using