Help Using Fill with Sum formula

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Hello I am trying to use auto fill to figure out hours worked in a week by day. I have a column of data showing a particular day, and then in the column adjacent showing the hours worked that day. I am using a formula =(Sum[pay period start date] : [pay period end date]) to determine the hours worked in the pay period. Is there a way to use autofill to fill out the rest of the pay periods and have the formula automatically adjust itself to the next pay period? Say one pay period is the 1st to the 15th, the fill will auto adjust the next row to be the 16th to the 30th.


Right now when i use fill it just moves the rows by 1, so instead of showing the next pay period, its the same pay period as the row above just off by one day. Im on a mac too. I tried the linear fill but that did not adjust the formulas to the correct data points. 

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