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I was hoping someone here could help me out. I have looked on the web, but do not seem to know what I should exactly be looking for. So here goes:

I have a pricelist with part numbers that I receive an update to quarterly. sometimes price will be updated, and sometimes new products are introduced in the new sheet. What I would like to be able to do is have the quarterly update the new pricing and possible put any new parts at the bottom of the list. the reason I would like to have anything new at the bottom of the list, is that way I wouldn't have to go through it line by line and match everything up, all the new parts would show at the bottom of the list where I can add them.
Is this possible? it seems like it would be relatively easy, but I just can't seem to search for the right information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please attach your sample file.

@Dmanic I agree with @Twifoo 


Please post a sample file. We only need a few dozen rows, NOT your whole data set. Just enough data so you can explain what happens right now and what you would like to happen instead.



@Ingeborg Hawighorst


Here is part of the original. I would like to add the updated pricing per part number and any new part numbers to the bottom of the list.

I will add the update partial to the second post.


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@Ingeborg Hawighorst 


Here is a partial list of price update and some new parts.


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@Dmanic This is actually very far from "relatively easy". This will most likely require VBA code.


Conceptually, the code would


- open the original file (which, btw, is a CSV file, not a spreadsheet, are you aware of that?)

- open the update file

- loop through all rows in the update file and for each row

- find the Part number in the original file (in which column? There are two for part number in the original)

- if the part number is found, write the NET.PRICE into the (which ??) price column

- if the part number is not found, add the data from that row at the bottom of the original list.

- close the update file

- save and close the original file.


Writing that kind of code is totally possible, but it needs a bit of experience.